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Reaching Out, in the Southwold gallery

This is definitely my favourite photo so far; how you have managed to make it look so beautiful when I know how windy it was that day just shows how great you are at capturing the moment!

The River Trent

Sometimes when you live in a place for so long you forget how beautiful it can be. Loved your River pics, especially as I love to walk by the river and paddle on it when I can too. You have a really artistic eye. Well done Paul x
Sharon Cox


I love your photos Paul, I really appreciate the depth of colours and sharpness of the images. My father in law is very much into photography so I will share your website with him. Congrats on an awesome site.
Sharon cox


Wow what a clever set of pictures, well done
Marina Dormer

your new web site

Hi Paul , love your images and your home page status, its nice to know i have helped you get into photography .